Group Financial Education for Residents

Physician Financial Wellness Membership
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The Physician Financial Wellness Membership is for busy physicians in training. You might feel short on time, energy, and money. While that’s understandable, getting a few things right at this point in your career can pay off later. Just because you’re early in your career doesn’t necessarily mean your situation is simple.

Before we invite everyone, we want to test the program. We’d love to have you in our beta test to help us shape what this service will look like later.

What is the Physician Financial Wellness Membership?

Don’t worry. You won’t be asked to reveal your finances to other members. We’ll use the Elements® Financial Monitoring app (see graphics below) in our program to discuss targets for financial health. We’ll discuss the reasons to aim for the target score and what tactics can help you move closer.

Come with questions, and we’ll discuss them in relation to scores in general. If you need to ask a personal question, you’ll be able to contact an advisor in private.

As a fee-only advisory firm, we will not pitch insurance products. Feel free to ask questions about them though. This is all about education.

Where is this headed after the test? The intention is to continue offering a free version of the membership. If there is demand for a paid tier, we’ll listen to you to determine what that should look like. You are under no obligation to remain on any tier or pay for anything by joining the test group.

Monthly Webinars

Webinars will get deep into a financial topic and allow for Q&A about your situation. These will be recorded and sent to all members.

Financial Help Desk

Got a quick general question? Email your advisor for an answer. If your question is complex, we’ll discuss other options for working together.

Elements® App

Just as you monitor vital signs for your patients, we use Elements® to help you monitor and improve your financial health.